Search for the truth

For the people who understand and accept the facts, those who look into the facts and do their research then the Truth is out there as compared to the ignorant ones who speak with no knowledge yet argue and commit to blind following.

What do i mean by blind following?

Let me start of by saying that people usually tend to follow what their elders were upon. Elders meaning parents or grand parents etc, they have some what of an influence on the upbringing of their family specially when it comes to the culture and religion. In schools I’m sure some of you may have played the game called “the message or telephone”. What’s involved in the game is a group of people sit in a circle and a messages is passed from one person by whispering it in the ear till he/she gets the message back after it has been whispered by individuals in the circle. The result? change of message, people tend to add or change or forget a part of it and it gets carried on while being changed or shortened till it gets back to the receiver.

This is a fact if one truly tries to understand and use his daily life examples, we as humans tend to forget things or make mistakes when it comes down to listening. There may be lot of scientific research and studies done on this too but i’m not going to get into that. How many times it may happen that one makes a list of grocery and goes over it thinking that we have it memorized and we leave the list home and go shopping, when we come back we find out that we forgot to get such n such thing.

When one of us plans out a vacation trip with the family they do thorough research and find cheap fares, map out the directions and places to go, call our friends out who may have been on a similar trip or place before ask pros and cons and go from there. Yet some of us may skip all that and say oh i’ve been doing this and my father has been doing this and his father has been doing this we cant possibly go wrong.

When it comes to religion and culture they may or they may not clash with each other. Certain thing may be forbidden in the religion yet it may be practised openly in the culture and people may not be aware of it. Reasons can differ, in some countries it maybe that their culture was adopted by a former nation or people which were on different beliefs and it happend to be adapted by the people unknowingly. This adapted culture was probably followed by the forefathers and their fathers and their children’s, to say it in other words blind following, yet many of them passed away and never realized while being alive that they were in grave error.

For those who believe that Adam was the first man to be created, he was sent with the truth of just one single messege all the way through Nuh(Noah), Abaraham(Ibraheem), Moses(musa) Jesus(isa) and finally Muhammad(pbuh)…and what was this message?

The 71 different sects of Jews, 72 of christianity and 73 of Muslims all of them will say we’re upon the truth, but for a person of understanding can there be more then one truth? asking a question simply is the glass broken or no you cant say yes and no, its either broken or its not.

So how can everyone be upon the truth?

The reality is that people tend to answer or argue without looking into things, when one has a court case there will be a very few people who will just go unprepared without any research of their case and fight for it,chances are they will loose no matter they may be be right or wrong. Where as someone who does his homework does the research prepares himself and steps in with confident, are the two equal? no

Similarly when it comes to religion people tend to blindly follow their forefathers and when they are faced with a question or debate they tend to talk and argue baseless thinking they are right. Some people knowingly conceal the truth, reason can be money or power or something else.

For further understanding listen to the audio “the truth” by clicking here.


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  1. aboo ubaydah maaldeefee Says:

    as-salaamu ‘alaykum

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