Mahad Medina Review

Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam ‘ala Rasulillah

One of the brother’s whom i asked about Mahad Medina gave the following:

“I knew a bit of Arabic, I had done Madinah book 1 twice before, so knew some basic rules, could read a little and write a little. Alhamdu lilaah. I couldn’t speak anything though, past kayfaluk, bikhay Alhamdu lilaah etc etc…

The mahad teach the same program as the univerisity of madeenah, the madinah books 1, 2, e etc. if you don’t already know each consist of a number of books and its the other books (like T’beer/expression and Qiraa/reading) that get you speaking and understanding Insha’Allaah.

I completed level 1 and half of level 2 (each level is beyween 3 & 4 months long) and Alhamdu lilaah benefited a lot. My level now is much better than before but still not where I’d like it, somewhere between basic and not so basic. I certainly understand more and can read and speak better but wouldn’t say I’m fluent in either. Although I’m able to get by on the street Alhamdu lilaah.

From level 2 onwards you study hadith, stories of the prophets, fiqh and all sciences of the deen. The madinah program is EXCELLENT for the taalibul ilm and I remember saying on many occassions thay everyone should complete this course as a minimum requirement for starting to understand the deen. Just my personal view.

The beautiful thing about Yemen is that your emaan remains in tact, the sunnah is everywhere maasha’Allaah, you can study as much or little as you want as everyday there are lessons with the mashaykh in the masjid (Sharqain) and every Friday one of the senior mashaykh will visit Sanna’a (Masjid Khayr).

Don’t worry about having a basic level or not as my brother in law said to me (who’s a student in dammaj) you can’t NOT learn Arabic living in Yemen, studying everyday and sitting in the masjid for the lessons in a year. You won’t become an aalim in a year as a lot of us Westerners expect but Insha’Allaah if you’re serious work hard attend all lessons and most of all have ikhlaas Insha’Allaah you’l have a middle level of speaking, writing, understanding . After level 2 most people can speak, read and understand the other lessons in the masjid and stuff is an added bonus.

In the mahad you have an exam every month and there’s a certificate when you finish the course but this is only to test your level, make sure you’re understanding and to progress to the next level.”

One of the sisters gave the following info which i thought would be beneficial specially for sisters:

Maahad Medina offer totally separate studying facilities for men and women, so insya Allah you will not have to be in an akward environment. The teachers there are very helpful and very detail in their teaching and their commitment to the sunnah. They follow the Unviversity of Madeenah’s program for Arabic course for foreigners. Masjid Sharkain was recently under reconstruction but about to be ready and insyaAllah we will be starting class there next week. There are 5 study rooms at the masjid for sisters. In the morning, at the masjid we normally sit in our Qur’an halaqah for qur’an memorization and and there is talqin every morning to correct our makhraj. We are appointed individual ustazah if we so desire for our memorization. Most classes at the masjid are offered after asr daily, it ranges from arabic, aqeedah, tafsir, hadeeth etc. As the newly reconstructed masjid will be opening soon, we will have a more firm shecdule soon, but there are classes that will continue from before. Every Thursday morning we have Bulugh al-Maram and Hiliyatul Tilawah (tajweed). The lessons at the maahad are fee based but they are extremely reasonable compared to other maahads. The lessons at the masjid are free. ALL are very beneficial.
If you have arrived in Sana’a with your mahram, or even before, the maahad do help you look for a place to stay. Sana’a is very safe and if you intend to study at maahad medina and masjid sharkain, I would advise that you fidn a place within the vicinity as you would be going to and fro form home to either maahad or masjid.


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14 Responses to “Mahad Medina Review”

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  2. Daniel Johnson Says:

    Assalamu alaykum…
    Can someone pleaaaaase send me mahad madina’s email address (and the addresses of any other such establishments in Sana)?


  3. Sakinah Says:

    As salaamu alaikum

    Has anyone recieved any leads from Mahad Medina? Their site is still down and I did send an email. Waiting for their response. If anyone has any information on how to contact them please share. thank you kindly.

  4. Sakinah Says:

    Alhamdullah! I looked up their domain who’s who and came up with this…see below

    Administrative Contact:
    Sharqain, Ramzee
    The Khawlany Bldg.
    ad-Dairy St.
    Sana’a, Sana’a
    967-1-20509 Fax: 967-1-205094

    Technical Contact:
    Sharqain, Ramzee
    The Khawlany Bldg.
    ad-Dairy St.
    Sana’a, Sana’a
    967-1-20509 Fax: 967-1-205094

    • theforgottendeen Says:

      I do not have the phone number handy, just used to look it up as needed however the site is still down, if anyone needs it very urgently i can call my friend up in sanaa and ask him or sister umm Asad can give some info about it as she posts here off and on InshaAllah.

  5. yusuf Says:

    salaam alaykum
    yes our website is down and would be back soon but the email is working effectively therefore any intending student could communicate with us
    we ask your pardon for the delays
    baarakallahu fik

  6. aisha Says:

    Salaam alaikum,
    I plan to travel to Yemen to study at makaz medina in December. I will be travelling alone as I have no mahram. I was wondering if there were any sisters who were looking for someone to share accomodation with.

    • theforgottendeen Says:

      Wa Alaikom As Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

      Sheikh ‘Ubay Al-Jaabiree was asked a question which is as following:

      Here is a translation of a fatwa from our sheikh ‘Ubayd Al-Jaabiree:

      “Noble sheikh ‘Ubayd al-Jaabiree may Allah preserve you. We are a group of your sisters to whom Allah has given the tawfeeq of Islaam and we want to make hijra and flee with our religion from the lands of kufr to the lands of Islaam (but) we have no mahram to travel with us to the lands of Islaam. Is it allowed for us to be received in the Ahlus-Sunnah centers? Also some of them are puzzled by this matter. So we hope for advice for us and those who feel puzzled by receiving us, may Allah reward you with good.

      The answer:
      All praise is due to Allah. First of all: If your “Walees” are Muslims, then stay with them and have patience and do not hurry for hijra. For we know righteous women in America and Europe safe upon their religion who stay with their walee. If your “walees” are not Muslims then request from the Muslims from your country someone who is trustworthy and known for piety and righteousness then choose him to be your walee as to help you to get married to someone you are pleased with by way of religion and behavior.

      Secondly: If this does not happen, and that you fear upon yourselves from the tribulations then there is nothing forbidding you from hijra to your brothers from the marakz of Sunnah in Yemen by ways that do not go against the regulations of the country. And those brothers will InshaahAllah help you by preparing what is appropriate if they are able to do so”.

      Depending on your situation, you may know what is better for you.


  7. Sayir Says:

    me and some of my friends are planning to study in mahad madina in yemen we are from india. please tell me how can we apply and what is the fee structure and when are the classes starting.
    also if someone can tell me any other places of seeking knowledge in yemen, please do tell

    Jazak allah.

    • theforgottendeen Says:

      Wa Alaikom As Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

      brother i suggest contacting the mahad(email them) soon to make arrangement regarding the visa/fee/paper work as these things take time and they will let you know InshaAllah on what’s required and if everything works out then also make arrangement to have them come to pick you all up at the airport.

      I suggest starting out with mahad medina and once you are there and familiar with things and places then you can always look into going to other places for studies.

      Other then mahad medina in sanaa there’s cacyemen institute about which there are mixed reviews and i do not know much about it. Other then that other institutes may focus more on foreign students from west etc with mixed class rooms etc.

      Let me know if you need more info InshaAllah

  8. Sayir Says:

    Jazak all Brother for you reply, i tried to open there website ( but it is not working at all. Shall i email them on there previous email id ( or do they have any new email if they have please tell. Once again Thanks a lot.

    Jazak Allah Khairan
    Fe Amanillah..

    • theforgottendeen Says:

      Wa Alaikom As Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

      yes their website is down, if you follow the comments on this post then brother yusuf from the mahad posted regarding that. Their email address is working which is you can ask for brother yusuf, he will help InshaAllah.

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