Regarding Dammaj

Praise be to Allah

Initially i  had thought of putting something up regarding Dammaj but since there was abundant information online i decided not to. InshaAllah i’m gonna put a video/audio with info from Skeikh Abu-Amr Abdul-Kariim al-Hajuuri regarding Dammaj which may benefit the brothers and sisters in Islam to have a better understanding of the place.

Click here to watch the video/audio on Dammaj


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2 Responses to “Regarding Dammaj”

  1. sabrina Says:

    salamu alaikum..i was wondering how do you apply to dammaj

    • theforgottendeen Says:

      Wa Alaikom As Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

      the markaz in dammaj is not setup like a university so you don’t really apply for admission, it’s more like pack up and go thing, once you’re there you can introduce yourself to the sheikh or sheikha in case of sisters and get an advice as to what would be beneficial for you when it comes to taking classes.

      I suggest doing a lot of research and going through all that i have put up here regarding dammaj including audios to get to know the place better InshaAllah.

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