More on Dammaj and Seeking Knowledge in Yemen

Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam ‘ala Rasulillah

Yemen has been known for knowledge, after the dawah that Sheikh Muqbil RahmahuAllah spread, numerous centers and dawah activities have been taking place over there. Most of us know about Dammaj being the biggest. At present times it could be hard to get to Dammaj but that should not stop and individual or delay an individual that wants to seek knowledge from going to other places like Mabar which is headed by Sheikh Muhammad Iman and other centers ran by Sheikh Wahab Al Wasabi, Sheikh Al Baree and in Aden Sheikh Abdur Rehman Al Adnee. A seeker of knowledge travels from place to place seeking knowledge and benefiting from the people of knowledge.In Yemen numerous centers can be found to seek knowledge, in Sanaa Masjid Sharqain and Masjid AL Khair are well known.

Another audio i came across recently is from a brother that travelled from Emirates to Yemen Dammaj to see the center that Sheikh Muqbil RahimahuAllah established and the brother describes his traveling experience.

Click here to listen InshaAllah.


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18 Responses to “More on Dammaj and Seeking Knowledge in Yemen”

  1. Umm Abdillah Says:

    Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

    As salaamu alaikom wa rahmtullahi wa baraktuh

    It seems like you have been in Yemen for a while, and I would like to ask some questions about the mahad medina sana, like is there a section for women there, and generally how would it be for a woman to live there alone etc. Is it a safe place to live in? Who are the Shuyoukh unfortunately I don’t know about many Shoyookhs except the kibaarul ulamaa in Saudi, Fawzaan, Ghudyaan, etc and a few in Kuwait and those who passed away like al-Albani, Uthaymeen, Muqbil, bin Baz rahimhomullah. These Shoyokh that live there in Yemen, Sana, could you write a few lines about them and if you know, whom of the Shoyokh has mentioned their names in a positive way. There are a few other things I would like to ask, but inshAllah this will do for now, please reply by a comment or by mail, it will be highly appreciated

    wa barakAllah feekom

    wa As salaamu alaikom wa rahtmullahi wa barkatuh

    • theforgottendeen Says:

      Wa Alaikom As Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

      Dawah in Yemen was widely spread by the efforts of Sheikh Muqbil Rahimahullah. After his death, his students started teaching and some of them opened up their own learning centers. As far as I know, there are no “Senior Scholars” in Yemen, however, there are very Knowledgeable Scholars that are well grounded in the Deen and whom one should definitely benefit from. They include Sheikh Yahya Al-Hajoori who is in Dammaj, Shaykh Muhammed Abdul Wahhab Al Wasaabee, Shaykh Muhammed Al Imaan, Shaykh Abdul Al Aziz Al Buree, Shaykh Abdur Rahman Maree Al Adaanee, and others. If you have not listened to the audio on this blog under “More on Dammaj and Seeking Knowledge in Yemen” then I suggest that you listen to it for its very beneficial. There are centers in different parts of Yemen to seek ilm or even learn Arabic. I or my family haven’t been to Yemen we’re in the west however we do have the intention to make Hijrah InshaAllah.

      For sisters traveling alone without a Mahram, this question is asked commonly with regards to making Hijrah or to seek knowledge, it is highly recommended to travel with a Mahram, if not then with a company of trustful people who can at least go and settle her down. This is a issue that needs to be looked into with detail regarding what the ulema have suggested. A lot of people have been to Mahad Medina and benefited, they do have separation between men and women in the Mahad.

      hope this helps.

  2. Umm Asad Says:


    If I may add to the brothers answer – Maahad Medina offer totally separate studying facilities for men and women, so insya Allah you will not have to be in an akward environment. The teachers there are very helpful and very detail in their teaching and their commitment to the sunnah. They follow the Unviversity of Madeenah’s program for Arabic course for foreigners. Masjid Sharkain was recently under reconstruction but about to be ready and insyaAllah we will be starting class there next week. There are 5 study rooms at the masjid for sisters. In the morning, at the masjid we normally sit in our Qur’an halaqah for qur’an memorization and and there is talqin every morning to correct our makhraj. We are appointed individual ustazah if we so desire for our memorization. Most classes at the masjid are offered after asr daily, it ranges from arabic, aqeedah, tafsir, hadeeth etc. As the newly reconstructed masjid will be opening soon, we will have a more firm shecdule soon, but there are classes that will continue from before. Every Thursday morning we have Bulugh al-Maram and Hiliyatul Tilawah (tajweed). The lessons at the maahad are fee based but they are extremely reasonable compared to other maahads. The lessons at the masjid are free. ALL are very beneficial.
    If you have arrived in Sana’a with your mahram, or even before, the maahad do help you look for a place to stay. Sana’a is very safe and if you intend to study at maahad medina and masjid sharkain, I would advise that you fidn a place within the vicinity as you would be going to and fro form home to either maahad or masjid.

    • theforgottendeen Says:

      Wa Alaikom As Salaam Wa Rahmatullah,
      JazakAllahKhair sister for the input, InshaAllah i will post it in the “mahad medina review” post so everyone can benefit, specially the sisters.

  3. Umm Asad Says:


    theforgottendeen, I make doa that you and your family will one day be able to make hijrah to this blessed land, Yemen. If you love the deen, you so don’t want to leave this place, it is not perfect but there is so much barakh in the ilm for seekers of knowledge and a wonderful place to bring up our chidlren to understand and live the deen.

    May allah make easy your affairs. Ameen.

    • theforgottendeen Says:

      Wa Alaikom As Salaam Wa Rahmatullah,
      JazakAllahKhair sister for the dua, i pray that Allah swt makes a way and ease for me and my family aswell as other muslim brothers and sisters wanting to make hijrah to the lands of the muslims and those wanting to seek knowledge and raising their families in a environment based on Islam. Ameen

  4. Umm Abdillah Says:

    Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

    As salaamu alaikom wa rahmtullahi wa baraktuh

    BarakAllah feekoma both of you for providing me with this information, inshAllah I’m going to apply to the mahad al madinah i have been in contact with them for a week now and have asked them some questions, however when i asked if they teach mutoon like Mulhatul-I’raab (ملحة الإعراب), Qatr al-Nada (قطر الندى), etc. they said that there might be women att the masaajids that teach higer arabic do you know anything about that. (Im very intreseted in arabic grammer but I have to admit that my arabic vocabulary is chockingly bad, I might tell some of the iraab in a sentence without knowing what it means…) Also, my brother who is going to drop me of inshAllah, feared for me living alone in Sanaa, because he has heard that it is not safe for a sister to live there alone, wierd men on the street etc… From your experience how is it, do you live alone? if yes how are you finding it? How long hve you been living there? Do you know about any sister who would like to share her appartment with some other sister (me)?

    wa as salaamu alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuh

  5. Umm Asad Says:

    Waalaikum salam.

    As I mentioned, the maahad follows the University of Madinah syllabus for arabic for non-arab speaking students. However, the teachers (at least the ustazah, I have no knowledge about the men’s side) do teach us الإعراب in detail above what is in our books. And mashaAllah, the ustazahs are very knowledgeable. Our classes are either before or after the qur’an in the morning. Anyway, you will be tested before you are put into any level, and you can sit in the different levels first before you decide which level is suitable for you. Level 2 and Level 3 class just started yesterday, so you can join either of the two you see best suits you.
    I am here with 4 of my children and we have been here for three years. My husband commutes between our home country. We lived in a different area before and had to travel by bus to the maahad, but now we live within 2 minutes walk from the maahad. I think this is best because in the morning you will be attending Arabic and Qur’an, and then after asr you want to attend classes at the masjid. So you want to live within 2/3 minutes from the place of study. The area here is also very convenient – sundry shop, money changer, bus route, fruit and vegetable stall, supermarket.
    You have to carpet your apartments here…most of the time it does not come with carpeting but carpeting is not expensive.
    If you would like to email me for other details, please feel free to do so at *email address edited by moderator for privacy and spam.*


  6. aboo ubaydah Says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum
    I heard that the mahad has stopped giving visa? or have they started giving visa now?

  7. Aboo Yoosuf Says:

    Assalaam Alaikum,

    Please provide me with the information on how to apply Mahad Madina.

    JazakALLAAH khair.

    Aboo Yoosuf

  8. Aadam Ibn Abdullahi Says:

    as salamu alaikm axkhi im trying to seek knowledge feesibililah and I want to go to the dammaj iam 17 years old and live in london my parents are somali, could you please give me information on if I would have to call any there in the centre to makesure they know I wana study or do i just book my ticket and go there and will the authorities let me throw if I have a dutch passport but im somali? as salamu alaikum

    • theforgottendeen Says:

      Wa alaikom As Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

      brother i advise you to go through the resources and information i have provided on this website regarding seeking knowledge in yemen including the audios and do research on your own so that you know how to plan your way there InshaAllah. Since you are 17 it is important for your safety, i would suggest someone accompany you and drop you off, go through the website in more detail so InshaAllah you can get a better understanding in whats involved.

  9. Aadam Ibn Abdullahi Says:

    any one there*

  10. Umm Asad Says:


    Dear brothers,

    Do contact the maahad ahead before you come to Yemen. They are actually helpful. They do help you obtain a visa, but they will keep your passports, this is normal with every place that you apply a visa through here in Yemen. When you want to leave, they will apply for you the exit visa and give you back your passport. You need this exit visa to get out of Yemen, else you will be fined.

  11. ahmad Says:

    how many hours of study is it. i read it is just two.
    can you confirm

  12. Umm Asad Says:


    Dear ikhwan wa akhawat,

    Sorry to inform you that since the December 25th incident, many of the maahads here has been under scrutiny and pressure.

    The maahad Medina is now closed. I am not sure for how long, but it is now closed.

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