Doing the Home Work before making Hijrah


Often times, the thought of just packing up the bags and leaving occurs and I’m sure some people may have done this. However, those familiar with foreign land may know that one just simply can’t pack up the bags and take off; especially when it comes to the visa part, the question leaves people stumpped.

While planning for Hijrah, it is essential that one consults his/her family and educates them with the pros and cons. One needs to look into different issues such as food, I remember being overseas and I loved the food but my stomach just couldnt handle it and it wasn’t just me it has happened with others too, to the point that it becomes like a norm to goto a store and grab a bunch of rollaids(stomach relief) before departing the home country. Other issues such as  health/medical, this may not be an issue in a big city, but know that the way things are practised may differ from country to country, so just have patience and let the professional do the job.  Income is also an important part especially for those with family and kids. If you’ve already landed up a job, Alhamdulillah if not, them make sure you have a plan on what you’re going to do…as money may eventually run out. More importanty, have patience and faith in Allah (swt) and know that Allah (swt) is the provider. Single brothers, as well as married ones, wanting to make Hijrah, be careful and do not violate any laws of any country… especially the visa laws while being there. Getting locked up is bad enough, but as we know during these times, getting locked up may come with a bunch of toppings such as getting falsely accused to several charges , maybe some torture/interrogation and all the stuff that happens.

Make sure you have a contact or know someone in the country so in case of an emergency, you may have someone who could advice or communicate in providing some form of assistance.

Know that not every place is the same, for those living in comfort, you may not get the comfort or luxuries, basic necessities may differ, it is quite common for several countries to be without electricity for several hours as part of load shedding. If you have children and a big family, you need to assess the situation according to all the members. It may even happen that part of the family doesn’t even want move.  Some people may even think: “Hijrah! what? huh? you crazy or something?!.. People want come to the west, and you want to get out of here?”

SubhanAllah! Not everyone thinks alike,  nor does everyone understand the deen as it needs to be understood and acted upon. Be sharp and be aware of your sorroundings, be alert when dealing/buying/selling or making any contracts or commitment, its always good to ask someone before you do something, even if it’s something like opening a bank account. Knowing the language spoken where you want to make hijrah is a plus, at times when you open up your mouth people may raise the prices knowing that you’re from abroad, even without opening the mouth some people can figure that out, Allahoalam how. Do not worry leave you affairs with Allah swt and be sincere, the reward is in the hereafter.

May Allah Swt make it easy for me, you and all the muslim brothers and sisters wanting to make Hijrah only for His swt sake. Ameen


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