Hijrah to Egypt and Seeking Knowledge there

Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam ‘ala Rasulillah

Egypt is one of the historic places among the lands of the muslims, it has significant history in Islam and has been known for a place of knowledge. Lately a lot of people have been going over to Egypt in order to learn the deen or to make Hijrah there.

One of the advantages of Egypt is the visa. The cost of visa is approx $15 for thirty days for US citizens, for Canadians it’s $20 and for Uk $20, prices and requirements can be checked online from the Egyptian Embassy’s website. As some people that were asked about info on visas have mentioned that before the thirty days are over, you can renew your visa for a year. And most brothers and sisters from the West do this for many years. After the thirty day visa you pay a fee around 80 LE for a one year visa. Called tourist visa.

For any other visa for a longer period of stay, you must be married to a Egyptian then you can receive a 5 year visa. Or be a student in a University . Not at the private owned centers, If they help you with a visa It may be just a tourist visa which you can get one your self for a cheaper price.

One issue I must mentioned before I write more is that I hear/read several times  that in the mosques over there, they have grave’s. In one of the dars I herd that Egypt was occupied by Raafidas i.e the shias who bought this there but Allah knows best. So brothers can probably go in and see if there’s a grave before they pray but as far as sisters are concerned i do not know how they can find out if they ever had to pray in a mosque there.

Some people may choose to goto known cities such as Alexandria or Cairo where there may be a large population of foreigners and a lot of fitna, prices may be high too, however one should consider that Egypt is a big place and those going with the intention of making Hijrah should choose other places after researching and speaking/contacting people that know more about it. Property can be purchased there which i suggest looking someone up that has brough property there as it may involve other steps to be taken along with the paper work, prices wary…one of the websites to get some info quick is http://www.flatsinegypt.com/

For thoose seeking knowledge then there are people of sunnah and scholars present in egypt, one of them is Sheikh Raslan, he teaches in a village there and his website is http://www.rslan.com

One of the brother’s mentioned his story on a forum that i’d like to share with others

PS: (I did some editing and fixed some mistakes as much as time allowed me too):

as-salaam alaykum to whom it may concern first and foremost may Allah forgive us of our short comings and give use jannah ameen , I want everyone to understand that i lived with Sheik Raslan in the village for 7 months me and another brother and his 2 families, it was a blessing from Allah (swt) to be able to sit with this man and to benfit from him may Allah reward him and give him a long life to spread this dawah.
How was it there? 1st If you dont speak arabic the Shiek will have his students look out for you as was the case with myself my luga is sway sway,once i was trying to buy something from a shop and i really could not express myself to the store keeper and I think that the shaytain got the best of him and Allah knows best, any how i think he was trying or getting ready to over charge me,and i kind of knew because ive been to other shops,when all of a sudden he got this funny look on his face it was almost like fear and the money that i gave him he was trying to give it back to me, now mind you it was just seconds ago i felt like he was trying to beat me so me being unaware of what was going around me i kept trying to give him the money but he was afraid to take it so i left it on the countertop and turn to walk away and there was my arabic teacher who is one of Sheik Raslan student(as i write this now my eyes fill with tears cause i really do miss this village and it’s people and most of all i miss the Sheik) he came to me and asked if i was ok, he spoke to me in arabic i was able to understand him. This is just one thing i have to say towards how it is there,oh yeah as far as your kids they will benfit the bro who i was with, had 6 kids with him and I recall that when he was in the states his middle son would never smile he always was so serious when we where in the village with the Shiek and around the muslim where you see the kids being able to leave the house and knowing the whole village will be watching your kids and them going to the masjid and them walking upon the Sheik and him talking to your kids Allahu Akbar this boy began laughing and play like i never saw him in the states so if you really want to go who ever you may be put your trust in Allah and ask our Lord to give you tawfeek in this  matter cause you hear people’s own thoughts and it will keep you right where you are wanting to go but never going. May Allah forgive if i said anything wrong ameen if more is needed more will come as-salaam alaykum

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2 Responses to “Hijrah to Egypt and Seeking Knowledge there”

  1. Yass Says:

    whats the name of the village. ?

  2. Yass Says:

    whats the name of the village

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