Update on Living Expenses in Dammaj

Bismillah Wa Hamdulillah Wa Salatu Was Salaam ala RasulAllah

One of the brother’s from Dammaj recently informed me about some expenses and cost of certain things:

There are houses cheaper than $4000, but it will be either small(2 rooms max.) or not in too good conditions and far from the Markaz. The closer to the Markaz the more expensive it is. Most of the houses are very small here.

About how much it costs to build a house here really I don’t know. Normally it don’t take so much time specially if you have money. Also the cost will depend on the size and the type. (Price may go up even beyond a ready made house if you customize the construction according to your needs)

Monthly expense will depend on what you mean by ‘basic’ as every people’s life is not the same. For example in San’a we saw life expensive, but an American saw it very cheap, so his basic will not be as ours probably. But I think here for two persons without children it will be around $150-$175, Wallaahu a’lam.

There are public phones, cabins which normally is cheap within Yemen. Mobile to mobile is about $.033/min. Oversea calls are expensive both for fix phone or mobile, it is better you use skype or yahoo messenger or the likes of it for abroad talks. Wallaahu a’lam.

Water is normally free here Alhamdullillaah except for some region you have to pay for the fuel to push the water to the container from which the water comes to the houses. In my region it is 200 riyals/month.

Electricity is expensive here, compared to San’a. It is from diesel generators. It is not permissible to use iron etc. And you pay in relation to watts. E.g. a 10watts bulb may be 150 riyals/month. Washing mashine is 500riyals/month and you can use it twice a week only. It is not obligatory to have electricity, it depends on you, if you don’t need it its ok.

comments in bracket’s are mine.


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