Mahad Medina Contact info

Aassalamalaikom Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

a lot of people have been asking about how to contact mahad medina and their website being down, following is what brother yusuf from the mahad had posted on the comments here:


salaam alaykum
yes our website is down and would be back soon but the email is working effectively therefore any intending student could communicate with us
we ask your pardon for the delays
baarakallahu fik


2 Responses to “Mahad Medina Contact info”

  1. Sayir Says:

    Brother yusuf, i need to talk to you inshaallah me are some other brothers have decided to seek knowledge in yemen in mahad, i emailed details on the above give address ( but there is no response from them.
    Please reply to me at following email (sayironline (at )
    i am awaitng for your reply eagerly.

    Jazak Allah Khayr
    Fe Amanillah..

  2. Sayir Says:


    Jazak allah khayr for Replying on my email, you mentioned to fill the form avaliable on the website ( but the website is not working i have been trying to open it from quite a few days now.what shall i do now, if posssible please email me the required forms and other details.

    also we are a group of brothers so will there be any discount for us, Regarding Visa its not clear to me what will be the validity of visa if i pay $500 and does this include tutuion fee, housing etc.and please inform me what will be taught in mahad during our stay there.

    Waiting for reply eagerly.
    Fe Amanillah…

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