Yemen Situation

Bismillah Wa Hamdulillah Wa Salatu Was Salaam ala RasulAllah

For those who have been keep up with the news or have contacts may know the situation thats going on in different places including Yemen. I didnt want to post anything based on just “hearing/reading off the internet and blogs/groups”, rather i needed to know in person from a trustworthy source.

So anyways as we know the visas are no longer being issued at the airports, now its just like the requirements that many countries have of applying through your home country etc. The mahad is also not issuing visas, someone whom i do not know informed that only employers and children school that can offer visas are still giving visas/iqamas.

One family also confirmed that they were in sana from dammaj due to the war and were waiting to go back.

This does not mean that you give up hope or change your plans, just have trust in Allah and be patient and see what happens InshaAllah.

May Allah make it easy for me, you and all the muslim ummah that would like to make hijra only for HIS sake. Ameen


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